Miami Dolphin Player Richie Incognito Suspended After Bullying Accusations

NFL star Richie Incognito was suspended for allegedly bullying a rookie teammate. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

What do you do if you're at the center of a national bullying scandal?

If you're Richie Incognito, just suspended by the Miami Dolphins, you take delivery of a brand new $350,000 Ferrari. In exclusive photos obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Incognito was seen driving his new ride on Tuesday.

A video of an obscenity-laced tirade by the alleged bully has gained attention. The incident in a South Florida bar, obtained by TMZ, showed Incognito in a fit of uncontrollable rage.

Now, he is at the center of a national bullying scandal. He is accused of targeting 24-year-old Miami Dolphins rookie Jonathan Martin.

The scandal is putting a spotlight on an epidemic of adult bullying in the workplace, which is said to affect 12 million American workers.

A Houston car salesman was repeatedly tasered by co-workers who crept up behind him and even hid under his desk to taser him. The videos are now evidence in a lawsuit against his former employer who denies any wrongdoing.

Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig told INSIDE EDITION, "I think any time bullying is going on, it is a form of emotional or physical abuse. We need to take that very seriously in this society."

Incognito reportedly left an incredibly vicious voicemail on Martin's phone, saying: "Hey, what's up you half-[expletive] piece of [expletive]. I'm going to slap your real mother across the face. I'll kill you."

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the bullying story. In response, Incognito actually offered to fight him, tweeting: "Enough is enough. If you... Have a problem with me you know where to find me. #bringit."  

Schefter told INSIDE EDITION, "This by all accounts has reached another level. He was trying to do to me what he has done to everybody else."

Incognito has a reputation for violent conduct and in 2009 he was voted the NFL's dirtiest player.

Former New York Jet Bart Scott said, "He's a fake tough guy. One of the dirtiest players if not the dirtiest player I’ve ever played against."

It seems incredible that a 312 pound giant like Jonathan Martin could be bullied, but Dr. Robi Ludwig said workplace bullying affects people regardless of their physical size.

Dr. Ludwig said, "You have to remember that bullying is not just physical. Some of the worst kind of bullying is emotional."