Poor Taste Halloween Costumes Continue to Haunt

A week after Halloween, some people are still paying for their costumes that were beyond poor judgement. INSIDE EDITION has details.

It's epic bad taste. Two women wore costumes of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

"Towering stupidity," said the London Sun. 

The women are now apologizing and saying that it was not intended as a joke.

These days, it seems like poor judgment is rearing its ugly head more than ever.

It's hard to believe that a 22-year-old woman from Michigan showed up to work dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim complete with gruesome wounds.

One of thousands of outraged tweets she received read: "People at the Boston Marathon died in terror and agony and you looked at the images and thought 'lol funny costume idea?' "

The woman responded with remorse, tweeting: "I have been fired from my job. I am paying for what I thought was a simple joke. I know it was wrong now. I wasn't thinking."

There is also the lady being called the 'World's Worst Mom.' She posted a video online as she made her adorable toddler, who's dressed as a princess, confront a giant fake spider. When the thing leapt up she was terrified and started to cry.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney questioned pop culture expert Cooper Lawrence about the matter "What were they thinking?"

Lawrence responded, "People aren't thinking, because they dont realize these pictures are indelible. They last forever and we can Google this 20 years from now. This is their legacy."

A bride and groom from Texas recently took "Till Death Do Us Part" to a whole new level with a wedding cake modeled after their own severed heads. The groom is into horror movies, but really?

All we can say is, what were they thinking?