Fourth Inmate Testifies In MacNeill Murder Trial

A prison inmate of Martin MacNeill delivered shocking testimony in court, saying MacNeill admitted to killing his wife. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Did he fess up to killing his wife?

A former inmate who was locked up with Martin MacNeill, the doctor accused of drowning his wife Michele, told of a chilling conversation he said he had with the doctor.

The inmate said MacNeill told him, "I'm getting away with murdering my wife."

He said the doctor also made a hateful reference to Michele, "I'm glad the (blank) is dead."

Even in the jail, the doctor's confession was shocking as the inmate said, "I immediately told the guards I needed to switch sections. I didn't want to be around him."

Jason Poirier, who was in jail on theft charges, said he became friendly with MacNeill behind bars in Utah when the doctor corrected some poems he had written.

MacNeill's lawyers tried to cast doubt on the witness as one defense attorney addressed Poirier, "Truthfulness is not your strong suit though, is it?

"Yes, it is," replied the Poirier.

MacNeill is in the third week of his trial. He is accused of doping Michele with painkillers as she recovered from a facelift—an operation she received at his insistence. He has pleaded not guilty.

The case is attracting national attention: The new People magazine features a spread headlined, "A Life of Deception."

Poirier was the fourth former inmate to testify against MacNeill. Former prosecutor Dan Shore told Fox News the jury may not buy Poirier's story. Shore said, "Inmate testimony is always suspect. We know he got at least some beneficial treatment from authorities in return for his testimony."

A moment of drama came when a court room computer somehow started playing a TV news report about the trial. The judge adressed the court, "Shut that off. Who has that? Shut that off."

There were gasps from the public benches as a defense lawyer outlined what the jury may have heard from public report saying, "I recalled hearing a discussion about the bathtub and about his wife being found in the bathtub."

The judge ordered no more outbursts. He said he would consider a mistrial. The doctor has pleaded not guilty.