Dogs and Elevators Don't Seem To Get Along

Traveling in an elevator with your dog may not be as safe as you think. INSIDE EDITION spoke with dog trainer Andrea Arden about ways to ensure your dog is safe as you make your way up a few floors.

A woman got on an elevator holding her dog's leash but the doors close before her dog could get on.

The doors closed with the woman still holding the leash, the elevator rose, and the dog was pulled up by his neck and left hanging!

It was a scary scenario that seems to be happening more and more.

One kid had his dog on a really long leash. He held the elevator door open but the dog refused to come. The doors closed and the puppy was hoisted in the air. Fortunately, the leash snapped and the dog landed on the floor.

Dog trainer Andrea Arden said many dog owners just don't realize how dangerous elevators can be.

Watch our interview with Andrea Arden.

Arden told INSIDE EDITION, "Make sure you don't press the button for the elevator until you know your dog is in there with you." She has good advice to help keep your dog safe.

Arden said, "Train your dog to sit in the back of the elevator because, if the door opens, you have the best chance of preventing your dog from exiting without you."

The right collar can also make a big difference. Choke collars will literally choke your dog if they  become trapped in elevator doors. A breakaway collar will snap when the leash is pulled too tight.

And every elevator has an emergency stop button and if this happens to you, hit the stop button immediately. Just some simple tips that may prevent a doggie disaster.