Trapped In An Elevator During Haiti Earthquake

Dan Woolley was trapped underneath the rubble of his hotel in Haiti for three days after the earthquake. INSIDE EDITION has his harrowing story.

"Suddenly the ground exploded and the walls rippled and then everything went dark."

Dan Woolley is describing the moment he was trapped beneath the rubble of his hotel in Haiti.

"Rubble was falling all around us, just chaos and pain," said Woolley.

He found himself taking shelter in the only tight air space he could find, an elevator.  It was the beginning of a three-day-long nightmare. Knowing he might die, he wrote this journal using the dim light from his iPhone, his final messages to his family. 

His wife Kristy listened as he read this entry to his two children from the blood-smeared page: "I'm still praying that God will get me out, but He may not. But He will always take care of you."

Above the rubble, rescue teams were trying to reach Woolley and other survivors. It took 65 hours. Woolley said, "They had to cut through a lot of concrete and a lot of different kinds of debris to make a path to get down to me."

Woolley was taken to Miami and is recovering from a broken foot and a gashed head and leg.