73-Year-Old Skydiver Dies in South Carolina Diving Accident

Aerial view of skydivers from Skydive Carolina
Faceboook / Quincy Kennedy

Seasoned skydiver Carl Henry Smith died during an 'uneventful dive.'

A seasoned skydiver died during a South Carolina excursion. 

Carl Henry Smith was identified by a coroner after diving at Skydive Carolina in Chester County.

Smith’s main chute deployed, and the 73-year-old landed on James F. Wherry Road and Darby Road in Chester County, according to authorities.

According to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office released report, Smith was seen, “hanging limp in the harness with his arms to his sides making no effort to guide, steer or brake his chute.”

Smith had participated in around 17,000 dives, according to the Skydive Carolina officials. 

Because it is unclear if Smith suffered a medical issue or if this was an accident, the Coroner’s Office conducted an autopsy on Monday, according to FOX 46. 

“The incident is under investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available,” Chester County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Grant Suskin told the outlet. 

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