Man With Breast Implants Says They Are A Normal Part Of His Life

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Brian Zembic, the man who has been living with breast implants for over 10 years.

Brian Zembic may look normal to anyone, but he's got a quite a secret lurking beneath his loose shirts. When he goes to catch some rays poolside, that's when the shocker hits—he's got breast implants.

His own girlfriend admits she's a little jealous. She told INSIDE EDITION, "He has bigger breasts than me!"

So why would a man like Zembic get breast implants? Well, it started out as a bet in Las Vegas. A friend paid him $100,000 to put them in for a year. But why, a decade later, hasn't he taken them out?

Watch Bian Zembic Talk About His Beast Implants Here

He said, "It's a normal part of my life. It really is, as sick as is it's normal."

The breast implants actually pay off because he gets an extra $10,000 for every year he keeps them.

Clearly, he marches to the beat of a different drummer. INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero kept that in mind as Zembic took her shopping for a sports bra.

She replied and ask, "Can I ask what size?"

Zembic said, "I guess, I’m like a 38C."

At home he is just plain dad to his 13-year-old daughter, Mika. She said, "It is a little weird. I guess you can say he is my mom and my dad."

So maybe the guy known as "The Boob Man" isn't such a boob after all.