Corey Feldman's Mom Blasts Abuse Claims in His New Book

INSIDE EDITION speaks with Corey Feldman's mother about allegations in his new book that  he was abused by her in his youth.

Corey Feldman's mom Sheila Feldman is speaking out about the how she’s portrayed in his bestselling book Coreyography, and she's mad as heck.

“That's totally a bunch of baloney,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

In the book, Corey describes his mom as a depressed, abusive drug addict, who once beat him with a stick, screaming, "I will kill you, I will (blank) kill you, you worthless piece of (blank)."

Sheila said, "It's very hurtful and it's very sad."

When asked whether she abused her son, she said, “He was a difficult kid. He was adorable and cute and very outgoing when he was very young, but as he got older, he became a pain in the butt. He did get hit. He did get spanked. But he didn't get abused."

Corey also writes that his mom tormented him about his weight, "She tells me that if I'm not careful, I'll grow up to be a fat, disgusting pig."

He also claims that she forced him to take diet pills.

Sheila rebutted, "I would never make a kid take diet pills. That’s ridiculous."

Corey said in an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION, "It was all bad. I didn't have any positive influence or role models around me."

He said he's not trying to hurt his mom with his book.

Corey said, “I'm not trying to do this to say bad things about her. I'm doing it as a way of letting go of the past.”

He became a star in the 80's in movies such as The Goonies and Stand by Me.

But his relationship with his parents was troubled. When he was just 15, he petitioned a court to be emancipated. His promising career fizzled out when he entered adulthood.

His mom says, in recent years, she thought they had patched things up and she was totally blindsided by the book.

“I still love him and I won’t stop loving him,” said Sheila.

She expressed her disappointment in her son and said, “I'm worried. Why is he doing this?”