Martin MacNeill's Mistress Revealed Love Letters in Court

The trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill continues with his mistress reading love letters between her and the man on trial for murdering his wife. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The mistress in the facelift murder case revealed love letters that the accused Dr. Martin MacNeill sent her from behind bars.

MacNeill passionately wrote to Gypsy Willis: "I love you and miss you every minute." "I love you and have loved you from the day we met." "I love you sweetheart and will write again soon."

“Dear sweetheart,” Gypsy wrote back to the imprisoned doctor with similar sentiments, “I hope you know that I love you and think about you all the time.”

The doctor sat stern-faced as the gushing excerpts from the hand-written letters were read in the Utah courtroom on Thursday.

Covering the trial, HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell said, “What they forced her to do was read love letters from Dr. MacNeill, and they are just abusive in how ‘I miss you and long to be with you.’ ”

MacNeill is accused of doping up his wife Michele as she recovered from a facelift that she got because of his insistence, and then drowning her in the tub. He denies any wrongdoing.

He allegedly killed her so he could be with Gypsy, his nursing student lover. He's 57. She's 20 years younger.

There was a testy exchange between Gypsy and the prosecutor as she referred to Dr. MacNeill's late wife.

Gypsy said, “You know, this is two years after she passed away.”

The prosecutor replied, “I'll ask the questions, thanks.”

Gypsy said after Michele MacNeill's death, she considered herself the doctor's wife.

MacNeill wanted to make it official, she said.

“Why don’t we just get married for real,” wrote MacNeill.

He also wrote that he was trying to keep in shape in jail. “I am dieting and exercising, so you will not have to expect a hefty husband when this is over.”

The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case this week.

Velez-Mitchell said, “The prosecution wants to bring it back to motive. And Dr. MacNeill’s motive for murder, say prosecutors, is to be with Gypsy. They want the jury to see that this is why he killed.”