Martin David Pietz Convicted For Murdering His Wife

A mother's determination to find justice for the murder of her daughter paid off as Martin David Pietz is convicted of murdering his wife. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was drama in court as a banker is sentenced to 18 years in prison for murdering his wife.

Martin David Pietz strangled his wife, Nicole, because she wasn't adventurous enough in bed.

Thirty-six-year-old Pietz stood emotionless and said nothing. But his former mother-in-law, Gael Schneider spoke passionately about finally getting justice.

"I wish for his sake that he would admit his wrong doing, so that he doesn't burn in Hell forever," she said.

In court, she turned and spoke directly to Pietz, saying, "David, I  forgive you. I hope someday that your family can because you didn't just destory my family, you destroyed your own family."

Thirty-two-year-old Nicole Pietz 's naked body was found in the woods near their Seattle home in 2006.

It became a cold case, but her mother never gave up, waging a six-year campaign to have Pietz charged with her murder. He was convicted last month.

Nicole's friends and family members spoke after the sentencing.

Tonya Zurcher told reporters, "It's Nicole's day. It really is, so I think we're going to go celebrate."

Shelley Saxton said, "David, if you're hearing this tonight, thank God, again that you're where you belong finally. And you're going to stay there."