Bill O'Reilly Weighs In On America's Fascination With JFK

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Bill O'Reilly about the film Killing Kennedy, which is based off his best-selling book.

Bill O'Reilly talked to INSIDE EDITION about America’s infatuation with JFK and the time of Camelot.

He told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney, "Kennedy is the most glamorous president the country has ever seen, by far.”

A TV movie about the doomed president, Killing Kennedy, based on O'Reilly's bestselling book, airs Sunday night on the National Geographic Channel.

McInerney asked him, "Why do you think there is still such a fascination with the Kennedys?"

He replied, “When he died, he was frozen in time. This handsome guy with a beautiful wife, nice family. There was a lot of emotion swirling around this president. That's what separates him from most other politicians."

In the new TV movie, Rob Lowe stars as JFK.

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O’Reilly said, "I think Rob Lowe did a very good job playing the president. He got the accent down, the body language down, not an easy thing."

Watch O'Reilly Weigh In On Killing Kennedy and The Latest Political News

The host of the top-rated O'Reilly Factor is also America’s most popular historian. His other best sellers include Killing Lincoln and the current No. 1 bestseller, Killing Jesus.
McInerney asked, "What's the next book? Killing who?"

He said, "Well, we are going to do a big World War II book. Everybody thinks they know what happens in World War II, you don't. It is about all the icons and we are digging up stuff that is just amazing. I am writing that now."

McInerney also got O'Reilly’s take on the leading news stories, including President Obama's apology to Americans who are losing their health insurance in the wake of Obamacare.

O’Reilly said, "He should delay it for a year. That is the solution. He should come out and say, 'It's a good program,' I am speaking for him now, 'I think it is a good program. I understand it is chaotic. We are going to delay it for a year and iron it all out.' That would be fair and I think the nation would breath a sigh of relief."