Dramatic Closing Arguments in Martin MacNeill Murder Trial

Dramatic closing arguments were made in the trial against Dr. Martin MacNeill as the prosecution said he should be convicted of killing his wife. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Pure courtroom drama at the facelift murder trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill took place when the prosecutor pointed at the doctor and said, “Martin MacNeill murdered his wife Michele.”

The prosecutor displayed a photo of Dr. MacNeill's dead wife Michele, who MacNeill is accused of drowning in the bathtub, after she discovered his affair with nursing student Gypsy Willis.

“Michele was on to him. His secret life was coming to light,” the prosecutor detailed the doctor's plan to get rid of his wife just eight days after she had a facelift.

“He was at a crossroads. He had to choose between Michele and Gypsy. He chose Gypsy,” stated the prosecutor.

He said MacNeill feigned grief when his wife was found unconscious in the tub by their six-year-old daughter.

The prosecutor continued on the stand, “The defendant is screaming or loudly exclaiming, ‘Why? Why would you do this all for a stupid surgery? Let’s blame it on Michele.’  Michele is not the one who was pushing for the surgery. It was the defendant.”

Two of the doctor's grown daughters were in court watching the closing arguments. Alexis, who has been outspoken in her belief that their father is guilty, was stone faced. Her sister Rachel's chin quivered with emotion.

Then, it was the turn of the defense to proclaim MacNeill's innocence.

“I submit to you that none of the circumstances that the prosecution has submitted to you is consistent with homicide,” argued the defense attorney.

While conceding that the doctor cheated on his wife, the defense attorney said, “He was maintaining a mistress on the side.”

The defense attorney said it was Michele's numerous health issues that caused her death.

The jury was said to begin deliberations on late-Friday.