Exclusive: Martin MacNeill's Mistress, Gypsy Willis Reacts to Guilty Verdict

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively with Dr. Martin MacNeill's mistress, Gypsy Willis about her reaction to the guilty verdict in his murder trial.

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, Gypsy Willis breaks her silence following the dramatic verdict in the trial of her former lover, Dr. Martin MacNeill, and there was a torrent of tears from the ex-mistress at the center of the facelift murder trial.

Willis told INSIDE EDITION, "I wish that our lives had gone a completely different way."

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The doctor's own daughter, Alexis, who was outspoken in her belief that her father was guilty, sobbed as the verdict was read. So did her sister, Rachel.

Prosecutors said MacNeill murdered his wife, Michele so he could be with Gypsy Willis.

INSIDE EDITION Paul Boyd said to Willis, "When all of the evidence is considered, it seems very clear to most people that you are the reason that he killed his wife."

"I don't believe that he did," she responded. "I don't agree with the jury. The Martin that I knew and loved would not, and could not have done such a thing."

Boyd asked, "You don't believe that Martin MacNeill killed his wife so he could be with you?"

"I do not," stated Willis.

Willis told Boyd her affair with the doctor had been going on for about a year when he informed her that Michele was getting a facelift.

Eight days later, MacNeill sent her a text message saying his wife was dead. Prosecutors say getting the facelift was his idea and he doped up Michele and drowned her in the bathtub as she recovered.

Willis even attended the wife's funeral.

Boyd said, "Many people feel that it was shameful for the mistress to even go to the funeral. Why did you go?"

"I was concerned for Martin. I felt sorry that I had been a part of his life that was inappropriate at that time," said Willis.

After the wife's death, Willis moved into the MacNeill family home in Utah, supposedly as a nanny. MacNeill's daughter, Sabrina testified that Willis was not a textbook nanny.

"I remember her going up into my dad's room at night, and then having the door closed. I remember staying up at night thinking, what in the world? I thought she was our nanny. Why is she up in dad's room?" testified Sabrina.

Willis said, "We would go in there and we would talk while the children were up. We never went in there and stayed inappropriately while they were up."

Boyd asked, "You never had sex with Dr. MacNeill while you were in the house?"

"No, I did. I did. But this was long after everyone had gone to bed," answered Willis.

Willis was the key witness for the prosecution. The guilty verdict came down Saturday, after three weeks of testimony and 11 hours of jury deliberations.

Willis says she has moved on and wants nothing to do with Dr. MacNeill now, even though she doesn't think he killed Michele. Her eyes filled with tears when Boyd asked her if she had a message for her ex-lover.

"I want him to know that I hope he is all right. And I did truly care for him," Willis tearfully concluded.