Who Is The Homeless Vet In Viral Makeover Video?

Video of one homeless military vet's makeover has gone viral leaving many to ask, "Who is he?" INSIDE EDITION has his story.

It's the story behind the touching video sweeping the globe of a homeless veteran having his dignity restored with a makeover.

His name is Jim Wolf and he's 54. His sister says the makeover has boosted his self confidence, but she says he has problems that run much deeper, including alcoholism and mental issues.

His sister, Robin Thomas, told INSIDE EDITION, "They took care of him on the surface. Now, my intention is to get him help for the inside."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "You gave us some older pictures of your brother when he was much younger. People may wonder when they see the innocence of those pictures and what happened between then and now."

Thomas said, "He has huge depression issues. Apparently, alcohol perpetuates depression. It is just a vicious circle."

The remarkable time lapse transformation has gotten more than 10 million views on YouTube in just five days. Wolf sat patiently as a hairdresser trimmed his unkempt hair and scruffy beard. Next, he got a crisp white shirt, a tie and jacket. When he sees the result, he cracked a slight smile.

INSIDE EDITION has learned that just a few days after sitting for the inspiring video, Wolf was taken into custody. Court records show he's been arrested more than 80 times in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, mainly for public intoxication.

His sister hopes the popularity of the video will help her brother stay sober, once and for all.

She said, "From this video, people can see such a drastic transformation just from the surface. I am hopeful we can clean up the alcohol and substance abuse, so that people can see he is just as beautiful on the inside."