Former Mistress of Utah Doctor Martin MacNeill Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Gypsy Willis, the former mistress of the Utah doctor Martin MacNeill, about her relationship with the doctor and how she feels now.

The doctor just convicted in the facelift murder case lied about his age when he tried to score a date with the woman who later became his mistress. That's what she's telling INSIDE EDITION in our exclusive interview.

Gypsy Willis told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "He said that he was 39."

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Boyd asked, "How many years younger did he say he was than he actually was?"

"About ten," replied Willis.

"He said he was ten years younger than he actually was?" questioned Boyd.

Gypsy affirmed with a nod, "Yes, he did."

Willis told Boyd she and the married Dr. Martin MacNeill first communicated online via a Yahoo! chat room, and his age wasn't all he lied about.

Boyd asked, "Was he Martin MacNeill, or did he have an alias?"

Willis said, "He told me his name was Joe."

She said the doctor only admitted he was married after they met in person on their first date—they had lunch at a restaurant.

Williis said, "He told me that he had the perfect marriage, that she was beautiful, and that his family was perfect."

"So, if he had a perfect marriage, then why was he having an affair?" Boyd asked.

Willis replied, "He wanted some excitement in his life."

The relationship soon turned intimate and prosecutors said MacNeill became so obsessed with then-30-year-old Willis that he decided to kill his wife to be with her. He insisted his wife have a facelift, then doped her up on painkillers during her recuperation, and drowned her in the bathtub.

Boyd asked Willis, "You truly thought this was all just an accident?"

"Yes," replied Willis.

"Were you secretly happy that his wife was out of the picture? How would you describe where your head was at that day?" questioned Boyd.

"On that day, I was terribly shocked, and then I was concerned for his sake. I just thought, 'Oh, my gosh, what was he going to do.' I knew she really held things together with him," she admitted.

Gypsy—yes, that's her real name—considered herself the new Mrs. Martin MacNeill.

She and the Utah doctor took trips together. One photo was even taken when they visited Washington state in front of Deception Pass. But she did get a glimpse of the doctor's dark side.

Willis revealed, "He would be paranoid and have irrational concerns. He would do things that didn't make sense to me. One time, he bought like 100 boxes of cereal."

Willis testified for the prosecution at the doctor's trial for murder of his wife Michele, and her evidence made headlines nationwide. Nancy Grace thought the outfits the ex-mistress wore in court were inappropriate.

On TV, Nancy Grace said, "Do I have to see her in a low-cut top and a push-up bra in her entire direct testimony?"

Willis replied to Grace, "It's business attire, and I apologize if she was looking down my shirt."

Willis admited that she had sent sexy selfies to the doctor the day after his wife drowned in the bathtub.

"It's little bit suggestive," she said.

"But it's the day after his wife died," commented Boyd.

"I think I was trying to distract him from the pain he was having. It probably appears callous."

"It just looks coldhearted," said Paul.

Willis apologized, "I understand that, and I'm sorry for that." 

There was more drama when Willis was asked to read aloud letters that the doctor sent her from behind bars.

The letter read, "I love you and have loved you from day we met. I love you sweetheart, and I will write again soon."

Here's a poem the jailed doctor sent Willis:

"Love soars my mind far past these walls which surround me. My soul dances with thoughts of you which still confound me."

Willis said she has moved on with her life and has a new boyfriend, but in the wake of that bombshell verdict against her former lover, Paul Boyd had one last question, "Did you have any role in Michele's death?"

"No," replied Willis.