Alec Baldwin Cries In Court Facing Accused Stalker

Alec Baldwin broke down into tears in court as he faced Genevieve Sabourin, the woman accused of stalking him. INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene.

There was chaos outside court as Alec Baldwin left after a grueling day of testimony.

Photographers pushed and shoved as Baldwin finally made it to his limo and had this parting shot: "I hope you choke to death."

Baldwin was heckled in court by the beautiful woman accused of having a fatal attraction for him. Baldwin testified that he never had a sexual relationship with his accused stalker, which enraged her.

"Why are you lying!" she shouted to the packed courtroom. "Are you crazy?" and "He's got a lying disease!"

It was high drama here in New York City as the judge threatened to hold Alec Baldwin's accused stalker in contempt and her lawyer actually had to take her into a hallway to calm her down.   

Baldwin began crying on the witness stand describing how his wife, Hilaria, was terrified by the woman who bombarded him with hundreds of phone messages and emails.

Genevieve Sabourin is a French-Canadian actress charged with stalking Baldwin. She spoke to reporters when she arrived at court today.

"No, I am not a stalker," she told reporters.

Watch Sabourin Talk About The Situation Here

She accused Hilaria Baldwin of calling 911 when she showed up uninvited at the Baldwins'  Manhattan apartment building in 2012.

Sabourin told reporters, "She called 911 on me because probably she knew I was Alec Baldwin's ex-romance."

Under cross-examination, Baldwin admitted he took Sabourin to the theater in New York City and offered to pay for a hotel room for her, but he emphatically denied sleeping with her.

"Really?" she shouted for everyone in court to hear.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Sabourin outside court, "Do you think maybe you should stop talking so much?"

"Do you?" she replied. "Second Ammendment of United States: Free speech."

Actually, it's the First Amendment.

Hilaria also took the stand today and testifiedthat Sabourin appeared in the middle of the night at Baldwin's mansion in The Hamptons. Hilaria said she was so scared she kept all the lights on for the rest of the night.  

"I am terrified of her," she said in court.