Different Days Bring Different Deals

Each day of the week brings a different deal on items from TV's to airline tickets that could save you some big money. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Need a new TV? Consider waiting until Monday to buy it.

It turns out there's a best day of the week to buy just about everything.

On Mondays it's electronics. Why? That's when manufacturers apply rebates and discounts. It's also a great day to buy a car. Dealerships don't get a lot of traffic on Mondays, giving you more negotiating power.

As it turns out, Tuesday is the best day to buy airline tickets, specifically around 3:00 p.m., that's when the major airlines post their new deals. Tuesday is also the "Best Day" to eat out because most restaurants receive food deliveries on Tuesday so the food you order will be fresh.

If you need some new bling, buy it on Wednesday—That's the best day to buy jewelry. Statistics show women tend to shop more in the middle of the week, so jewelry stores traditionally post their most enticing deals on Wednesdays. It is also the "Best Day" to make a doctor's appointment because traditionally that is a doctor's office's slowest day.

Thursday is the best day to buy handbags, especially online. You'll save an average of 36% shopping on Thursday.

Friday is the best day to sell your home. Homes listed on Fridays sell quicker and for more money.

Ryan Serhant, associate broker of NestSeekers International told INSIDE EDITION, “That’s when every buyer is sitting at their computer waiting to see what is fresh for the coming weekend.”

Saturdays are best for buying lingerie and other sleepwear with average discounts of 37%.

Sunday is the best day to buy a major appliance. Stores offer the biggest discounts on Sundays.

So, the next time you go shopping, it might be a good idea to first check your calendar!