Diane McInerney's Mammogram Results Come Out

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney had her first mammogram earlier this week on the show. Now, she shares the results with cameras rolling.

It was the most suspenseful moment of Diane McInerney's life as she awaited the results of her very first mammogram.

"I'm ready to get my results," said McInerney.

You'll recall McInerney went for the exam three days ago after hearing that ABC's Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer after her first mammogram. Today, Robach is undergoing a double mastectomy.

McInerney expressed, "I'll admit, I was terrified about getting the mammogram, but the procedure wasn't scary or painful at all. It's the waiting for results from Dr. Jane Tuvia that was nerve-racking!"

Dr. Tuvia told McInerney, "The only thing I saw was a little conglomeration of tissue on the left breast, for which did an extra picture."

But thank heavens, it turned out to be harmless.

"Your mammogram is totally normal," revealed Dr. Tuvia.

"So, I'm in the clear?" asked McInerney.

"Yes," Dr. Tuvia confimed.

An exuberant McInerney exclaimed, "Yay!!"

"An indescribable feeling of relief. My heart goes out to Amy Robach, and I’m grateful that I was so lucky. Even so, I had to hear my good news one more time just to be sure," stated McInerney.

"So, you see no sign of breast cancer?"

Dr. Tuvia confirmed, "No. You have a clear mammogram."

A relieved McInerney said, "That's so wonderful! What a relief."

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