Skeletal Remains Of Missing Family Surface

In 2010, an all-American family disappeared without a trace. Now, the gruesome discovery of their remains have been found. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It is a horrific end to the long-running mystery of a missing California family. The skeletal remains of Summer McStay, her husband Joseph, and their two young sons have been found in shallow graves in a desolate spot in the Mojave Desert.

An off-road motorcyclist made the gruesome find at a remote spot 90 miles from Los Angeles.

Devastated family members attended a news conference Friday. Joseph's brother, Michael, was full of tears speaking at the conference.

Michael tearfully said, "It gives us great comfort to know they are in a better place."

The McStay mystery began in 2010 when the family vanished from their home outside San Diego. They were in the middle of remodeling their house, and they left $100,000 in the bank. They even left behind their two dogs. Cops found no sign of foul play.

It was thought that a surveillance video showed the McStays leading their sons Joseph and Gianni across the border into Mexico four days after they disappeared.

There were also numerous reports that the family had been spotted in Mexican cities.

Last year, INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero went to Mexico to investigate the sightings. An American missionary said she had seen the McStays in a Walmart in Mexico.

The missionary said, “I truly believe with all of my heart that the family I saw that day was the McStay family."

Now, this shocking find. A sheriff said at the conference, "It is too early to tell if this is cartel related or not."

The discovery of the bodies is raising a whole new mystery. Who killed the McStays? And who buried them in these shallow graves in the Mojave Desert?