Why Are There So Many New Jersey Reality Shows?

 INSIDE EDITION wanted to know why there has been a spate of new reality shows based in New Jersey, and we spoke to the stars of Jersey Couture and The Real Housewives of New Jersey to find out.

The latest reality show to hail from New Jersey is called Jersey Couture.

It's a no-nonsense look at a family-owned dress shop, where the styles are almost as loud as the women...how do they feel about their new show?

The Oxygen network show joins a growing list of Garden State reality shows.

There's Jerseylicious, a beauty salon with a rough-and-ready edge.

Of course there's Jersey Shore, the original Jersey reality show.

And there's The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

With fifty states to choose from, INSIDE EDITION wanted to find out why New Jersey is such a hotbed for reality TV shows.

INSIDE EDITION asked Christina Scali, Diane Scali, and Kimberly Gambole, the cast of Jersey Couture. They said they were still trying to figure it out themselves.

But Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey told us she has the answer.

"We're not afraid to be who we are. We'll take the hits and roll with the punches and that's okay," she said.

Jersey Shore's Snooki learned that the hard way when she was punched in the face in a bar. The punch made her an instant celebrity and had the whole country thinking of New Jersey as a crude, rude place.

But Caroline Manzo sees it another way: "The one thing that we see resonating throughout all the shows, I believe, is loyalty and family. We understand we're not perfect, but if we have something to say, we say it."