Toronto Mayor Becomes Punchline

Thanks to the recent antics and expletive rants from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he has become fodder for the late night comics. INSIDE EDITION explains.

What had Jon Stewart hysterically freaking out on The Daily Show? All it took was the crudest sound bite imaginable.

It came from the mouth of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, when he denied making sexually suggestive comments to a female former aide.

He said, "I never said that! I'm happily married! I've got more than enough to [expletive] at home!"

Reporters couldn't believe what they'd just heard.

A local Canadian television personality said, "I don't think we can broadcast that on TV, but we just broadcast that on TV!"

At a City Council debate, Ford admitted to buying illegal drugs.

He was asked, “Have you bought illegal drugs in the past two years?”

"Yes," he replied after an eight second delay, and that was enough to make him a worldwide laughingstock.

Jay Leno joked, "Rob Ford wants to run for re-election, but that could be just a pipe dream!"

David Letterman joked, "The Top Ten thoughts going through Rob Ford’s mind at this moment: ‘Have you bought illegal drugs in the past two years?’" Letterman joked, "I don't remember, you should be talking to my crack dealer."

Ford's wife, Renata, wedged up against an elevator door to avoid a crush of reporters. She's standing by her man, sort of.

She was asked, "Do you have anything to say?"

Renata said, "I think my husband has said enough already."

Ford's brother, Doug, a Toronto City Councilman, is also standing by his brother.

But you know your political career's in trouble when Charlie Sheen comes to your rescue, tweeting: "If I can be of any assistance in any capacity in this media cesspool, please accept the noble offer of my steady hand and compassionate heart."

The Toronto City Council voted to strip Mayor Ford of some of his powers on Friday.

Ford said, "I'm not mad at anybody, I take full responsibility."

He was calm and cool about it, until the next time he opens his mouth.