Tornado Survivor Recounts Horror, And Counts Blessings

INSIDE EDITION speaks with Anthony Khoury who recorded the fury of the monster tornado that ripped through Washington, Illinois.

A monster tornado is right outside the window, and all you can do is pray.

As the twister slammed into Washington, Illinois, Anthony Khoury shot some breathtaking cell phone video while he recited the Lord's Prayer with his family.

Khoury told INSIDE EDITION, "What happened was, my dad thought he heard a helicopter. We looked outside and all we see was a huge, black twister just destroying everything in its path. So, we quicly panicked and ran down the stairs to my basement and we all began to pray together as a family."

Khoury's prayers were answered. The tornado bypassed his house.

Watch Anthony Khoury Talk More About Witnessing The Tornado Here

But another homeowner wasn't as lucky. His home was literally ripped apart by the powerful 200-mile-per-hour wind. 

Kris Lancaster, his wife and their two young children fled in terror to their basement.  He spoke to Good Morning America with a bandage covering his eye injured by flying debris.

"Watched my whole house just vanish around me. We've only lived here two years and our dream home is gone," said Lancaster.

Dozens of tornadoes were caught on YouTube videos wreaking havoc in five midwestern states. It was so bad that two TV anchors in Peoria, Illinois, had to flee the studio in the middle of a live broadcast.

Ominous black clouds hovered over Soldier Field in Chicago. The NFL game between the Bears and the Baltimore Ravens was delayed and thousands of fans told to evacuate the stadium.

On a day when the fury of tornadoes terrorized so many people, the guy who prayed is counting his blessings.