Naptime With Puppy Goes Viral

Precious photos of a toddler taking a nap with his young puppy are sweeping the internet. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

They're the photos breaking hearts across the nation. A little boy sleeps peacefully, cuddling up to his puppy. The tiny mutt even naps in the same positions as his best bud!

Now, the California mom who posted the shots is speaking out for the first time.

Jessica Shyba started sharing the photos just last week, but they've already gone viral with her Instagram followers going from 5,500 to over 74,000 and counting!

She said, "I find that they have almost a kindred spirit. They're both very rambunctious during the day."

Every day at naptime, two-month-old puppy Theo follows almost-two-year-old Beau to bed unprompted. 

A toddler and a rescue pup catching a little shut eye, just like brothers.