Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is Fuel For Comedy Fire

In spite of the troubles faced by Toronto mayor Rob Ford, late night comics have a great time poking fun at the man. INSIDE EDITION has more.

An hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch poking fun at embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford proves one thing—comedy can be painful. The New York Post reported that cast member Bobby Moynihan actually injured his ankle when he threw himself off the stage in a manic routine.

And Moynihan's over-the-top antics as Toronto's crack-smoking mayor reminded people of another SNL legend—the late great Chris Farley, who'd do anything for a laugh—including a topless dance with Patrick Swayze! Farley died of a drug overdose in 1997 at age 33. Like Moynihan, he threw himself into his work—literally!

Farley's brother Kevin caught the Ford parody on Saturday Night Live. INSIDE EDITION spoke to him via Skype.

"I saw Bobby Moynihan do his sketch, and I thought he did a great job, but, you know as a brother, I sat and I thought, 'Oh boy, I miss my brother,' because he would have done a very good job on that."

The thing is, nobody does Ford funnier than Ford himself—whether he's imitating a drunk driver or shoving aside a member of Toronto's city council.

Kathie Lee from the Today show joked about the matter as well, saying, "The crack-smokin' mayor! We love him!"

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee have figured out the key to Ford's popularity as Kotb said, "I do think there's a thirst out there for something real, even if it's really crazy!"