If Only JFK Were Here Today

Renowned TV commentator Jeff Greenfield speaks to INSIDE EDITION regarding a recent book he wrote that delineates history if JFK had not been assassinated.

What if the President had survived the assassin's bullets?  

That's the intriguing question posed by veteran TV commentator Jeff Greenfield in a new book, If Kennedy Lived.

Greenfield told INSIDE EDITION, "You wind up with a very different late 1960s in America."

The same 'what if' question was posed by Stephen King in his novel 11/22/63 in which a time traveler saved the President, changing this headline,  "JFK Slain In Dallas LBJ Takes Oath," to this headline, "JFK Escapes Assassination First Lady Also Ok!"

Greenfield's book sets forth how the whole history of the nation would be changed had Kennedy survived.

Watch Jeff Greenfield Talk About What America Would Be Like If JFK Lived

First and foremost, the Vietnam war and the loss of 58,000 Americans killed in battle.

"Everything about his impulses and his notion of how the world works suggests we would not have been involved in a massive land war in Asia," said Greenfield. 

It was also possible, Greenfield said, that President Kennedy's notorious womanizing could have become public in his second term.

Greenfield continued, "Had John Kennedy's sexual behavior become public, it would have been very hard for him to survive politically."

In Greenfield's book, JFK's marriage to Jackie collapsed after he left office, but they never divorced.

Greenfield added, "She clearly knew about his infidelities—whether she would have endured that once his presidency was over is a fertile field for speculation."

If Kennedy were alive today, he'd be 96—if only.