Recording of Lee Harvey Oswald's Landlord Reveals His Violent Childhood

Years before Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, he was a teenager shooting his BB gun in New York City. INSIDE EDITION has lost audio from one of his victims.

Long before he shot John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald was a troubled teenager on the streets of New York City, who was no stranger to firearms.

A recently found tape recorded the voice of Philip Jacobs, a landlord who lived in this New York street back in the 1950s.

Jacobs said, "Lee Harvey Oswald. He got his experience in my building on how to use a BB gun."

One of his tenants was Marguerite Oswald, who was known for her explosive personality. She lived there with her 13-year-old son, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Soon after they moved in, the locals found themselves terrorized.

"The windows in our building were being peppered by BB shot. There were elderly ladies sitting in front on the sunny side of the building who were affected by it, and they were complaining that somebody was shooting BB shot at them," said Jacobs.

The sniper was the young Lee Harvey Oswald.

Oswald lived with his mother on East 179th street in the Bronx in New York City. On the sidewalks of the five-story brick apartment building, torn down years ago, windows were shattered and elderly people were hit with BB pellets fired by the teenager who would grow up to become the troubled assassin who killed President Kennedy.

“Lee Harvey Oswald had been given a BB gun as a present for Christmas. Having found out who did the shooting, we sort of took the situation in hand and it stopped," said Philip Jacobs.

Optometrist Alysha Jacobs, the granddaughter of Philip Jacobs, was just 11 years old when she recorded his memories for a social studies assignment in 1984.

She said, “In a million years, it’s so surreal that I would have any link to the shooting of JFK.”

Philip Jacobs died in 1985, but his long-lost words for a school project are shedding new light on the disturbing childhood of the man who shot JFK and started off by shooting a BB gun at innocent people in the Bronx.