Army Captain Returns Home And Makes Surprise Proposal

INSIDE EDITION was in on the surprise plans Army Captain Alan Sawyer had for his girlfriend when he returned home from Afghanistan.

It was the big day all military families look forward to, when their loved ones return home from deployment.

But for Krystle Penaherrera, it was going to be extra special. She had no idea that she was about to get engaged.  

She thinks she is at Fort Stewart Army base in Georgia to welcome home her boyfriend, Captain Alan Sawyer, after his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Watch The Proposal Here

She told INSIDE EDITION, “He's been gone for over a year, probably going to give him a huge hug when he gets home.”

What she doesn't know is her boyfriend's parents, Shepard and Linda, are also in on the surprise.  

Linda said, “Alan sent an e-mail said he wanted to propose when he first got home.”

Shepard is keeping the ring safe and sound in his pants pocket.  

The wait was finally over and the troops arrived on base and Krystle immediately spotted Alan.

Krystle, who's an Army Captain herself, charged through the crowd.

But Shepard got there first and handed off the ring with a hug. Then it's Krystle's turn. She grabbed Alan and refuses to let go.  

Alan didn’t waste any time, he got down on one knee and proposed. 

Alan said, “We've been separated for a year. You're the love of my life. Will you marry me?”

She said “Yes!”

Krystle gets a good look at the ring. She said, “That's beautiful.”

She never imagined that he would propose. She said, “I had no idea. I just got engaged!”