Recalling the Arrest of JFK's Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald

In Dallas, the theatre remains where Lee Harvey Oswald fled to hide from police after assassinating President John F. Kennedy. INSIDE EDITION retraces the moments leading to Oswald's arrest.

Today, the marquee of the Texas Theatre in Dallas looks just as it did exactly 50 years ago. The almost forgotten movies War Is Hell and Cry of Battle are being shown at this theatre, where the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested.

A witness saw Oswald fleeing into the Texas theatre after shooting Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit dead. Police subdued him in the auditorium.

The Discovery Channel unearthed lost police audio tapes of the arrest where police said,“Suspect on shooting the police officer is apprehended. En route to the station. Caught him on the lower floor of the Texas Theatre after a fight.”

Theatre manager Mary McElroy told INSIDE EDITION, “This huge crowd had seen all these police cars responding. They gathered and were shouting things like ‘Why did you kill the President?’ ”

The Texas Theatre is now a Dallas landmark and completely renovated. A photo of JFK and his wife Jackie hangs in the lobby.

Scenes of Oswald's arrest in Oliver Stone's movie JFK were actually shot at the theatre. Movies relating to the assassination are shown all weekend.

Deceased Officer Tippit's grieving wife Marie is now a silver-haired widow. The moving letter of condolence she received from Jackie Kennedy has come to light.

In the depth of her own grief, Jackie took the time to write to Mrs. Tippit:

“My husband's death was responsible for you losing your husband. I lit a flame for Jack at Arlington that will burn forever and I consider that it burns for your husband too…
                                                                                                                    With my inexpressible sympathy,
                                                                                                                                          Jacqueline Kennedy”