Olivia Newton-John's Daughter Celebrates Sobriety

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively with Olivia Newton-John's only child, Chloe about her struggles with addiction.

Olivia Newton-John is best known as the squeaky clean girl next door from Grease, who urged her fans “Get Physical” in the 80's.

While Olivia always looked healthy and vivacious, her daughter had a much harder road. Olivia’s daughter, Chloe, once looked emaciated and skeletal. Her only child was anorexic.
In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive 27-year-old Chloe Lattanzi says being the teenage daughter of a perfect pop star led to depression and she self medicated by starving herself.

INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano asked, “What was your lowest weight?”

Chloe replied, “I was 90 pounds or something and I’m 5’6.””

Recano asked, “So you didn't eat?”

Chloe said, “I did—you have to or you'll die—but just like frozen yogurt and lettuce. Now, that I look back on it you're trying to fill your mom's shoes, and you don't think you're good enough, so I can see why I had all those problems. I was completely clueless.”

Chloe battled anorexia for more than seven years until she was 23. She became addicted to drugs and alcohol.
She said, “I mean could go through a gallon, easy.”

“A gallon of what?,” asked Recano.

“Vodka, in a day. I mean a day and night doing drugs, for sure,” she said.
Chloe says she spent hundreds of dollars a week on cocaine. She said, “I would wake up and call my dealer and have it for breakfast like it was normal. It was normal not to sleep for three days."

When Chloe hit rock bottom, her mom contacted Dr. Drew Pinsky from VH1's Celebrity Rehab for help.
Chloe said, “She drove me to a rehab Dr. Drew had recommended and held my hand when as I cried in the car, and dropped me off.”

Chloe has been sober for two months. She says she's living one day at a time.

“I’m sober today. That sounds little but it's huge. Every day I’m grateful for everything in my life,” she said.