Thanksgiving Gives Rise To Kitchen Dangers

After Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis cut her finger during a Thanksgiving special, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at how you can avoid kitchen dangers during the holiday season.

It was a kitchen disaster on live TV, as super chef Giada De Laurentiis sliced deep into her finger.

She said, "I had an accident guys!"

Someone asked, "Did you cut yourself?"

She replied, "Yeah! I sliced my finger!"

It happened as De Laurentiis was carving a turkey for a Thanksgiving holiday special on the Food Network. She posted a shot of her bloodied, swollen index finger on Instagram along with a video from the hospital.

She appeared on the Today show Monday. She said, "I did get stitches. I got several stitches on this little finger."

Saturday Night Live's Dan Aykroyd famously parodied Julia Child having a kitchen knife accident.

In real life, these injuries aren't funny. Top Chef Masters contestant Missy Robbins was slicing a zucchini on a mandolin when she cut her pinkie. She had to drop out of the competition and undergo skin graft surgery.

Cuts from slicers and choppers accounted for 22,000 visits to emergency rooms nationwide last year.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, here are ways to avoid an accident in the kitchen.

INSIDE EDITION asked Executive Chef Billy Oliva, of New York City’s legendary restaurant Delmonico's, to show us the right way to wield a kitchen knife.

Watch Oliva Talk About How To Prevent Kitchen Dangers

Oliva said, "You want to have a good firm grip on the knife. Your finger placement when you are cutting vegetables is, you want to tuck your fingers in, rest the knife up against your fingers. Your fingers are curled back and you will never cut yourself."                 

Even seemingly harmless kitchen tools, like a can opener, can lead to injury.

Oliva said, "Cans are very sharp. You open the can, you are busy, you throw the top out, you forget about it later when you take the garbage out and these edges can definitely cut your hand."

So dig into your turkey this Thanksgiving but watch those fingers!