Baseball Wife Anna Benson Opens Up To Dr. Phil

In an interview with Dr. Phil, Anna Benson speaks about her recent arrest and how she feels about the entire situation. INSIDE EDITION has more to talk about.

She was once known as "Baseball's Hottest Wife."

Now, Anna Benson is speaking out about brandishing a hatchet when she broke into the suburban Atlanta house of her estranged husband, former major league pitcher, Kris Benson.

"You had a hatchet in your purse?" questioned Dr. Phil.

"Well, it was just all thrown in my purse," replied Anna.

A confused Dr. Phil asked, "You just carry a hatchet in your purse?"

Anna replied, "Well, I was going to the gun show with it."

And it wasn't just the hatchet—Anna showed Dr. Phil McGraw the gun and the bulletproof vest she was wearing in an interview that will air on Wednesday.

Dr. Phil said, "You have to understand, if someone walked into the door with a bulletproof vest and a gun, then..."

Watch Dr. Phil Talk About His Interview With Anna Benson

Anna cut him off and defended herself, saying, "Here's the thing, the gun was in my purse. My vest was on me, but I had all this other black on, so you couldn't really even see it. It looked kind of cute, like Angelina Jolie."

Her terrified husband Kris called 911.

Kris Benson: "My soon-to-be ex-wife has gotten into my house, and she is brandishing a gun."

911: "Where is she right now?"

Kris Benson: "She's in the house, and I'm downstairs in the basement."

911: "Has she threatened you with that gun?"

Kris Benson: "Yes."

Anna became famous for her outlandish behavior and even landed a part on the reality show Baseball Wives. On an episode of the show, Anna was quoted saying, "If you don't like what I say then that's tough (blank).

Her time in jail doesn't seem to have mellowed her, as expressed by what she told Dr. Phil, "I'm the most famous sports wife in history since Marilyn Monroe."

"She is a very interesting and layered individual to say the least," commented Dr. Phil.