Father's Viral Video Wrestling Baby Sparks Heated Debate

Comedian Gavin McInnes' viral video "How to Fight Your Baby" has lead some to question his actions. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Is it risky rough-housing that could end in tragedy, or just harmless fun between a loving dad and his son? That's the debate raging today after a controversial video that went viral. The video is called "How to Fight Your Baby," and it was posted on YouTube by comedian Gavin McInnes.

"They are easy peas to handle, I'm gonna show you how," McInnes said as he tossed his son onto the bed.

Watch McInnes Talk More About His Video Here

That's when the rough-housing started. There were some gentler scenes also as McInnes was seen tickling his son on the bed. And the video ended with a scratched eyeball sustained by McInnes.

Many viewers said the video was charming and funny, but not everyone saw it that way.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor, told INSIDE EDITION, "It's not a laughing matter, it's not cute. Throwing a baby can do damage to the baby's brain. Shaken baby syndrome happens exactly like this."

One viewer wrote, "Endangering your child to get YouTube views?"

Another said this particular moment "Makes me cringe."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to McInnes, the father of three, on Tuesday at his home in New York City as he played with ten-month-old Johnny Buffalo McInnes. Trent said, "When you throw your baby like you did, you know that can result in shaken baby syndrome."

McInnes said, "When you throw your baby on a bed, you can't do him any harm. I think it's even more dangerous to be paranoid about your child and be constantly worried about your baby, like, 'Oh, my baby needs a helmet, and he needs elbow pads.' "

Little Johnny's mom Emily laughed off the controversy.

Trent asked Emily, "You don't think there is any potential for harm?"

She replied, "Hmm, no. Gavin is very good at throwing our babies, and he knows how to buffer their falls and protect their heads. Believe me, I'm a very protective mom."

Either way, best to play safe. Never wrestle a rug-rat.