Pregnant Kickboxer Inspires Women To Stay Fit

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Crystal Green, a pregnant kickboxer who is raising both spirits and eyebrows with her workout routine.

She's eight months pregnant, but that's not stopping Crystal Green from kicking and punching her way into motherhood.

Green is due in two weeks and believes kickboxing is her hook to a great pregnancy.

Green said, “You can be eight months pregnant and you can continue to exercise. You can definitely kickbox.”

The mom-to-be runs "Foxy and Fierce" boot camp in Hollywood and wants to inspire women to stay fit, especially during pregnancy.

She reminds us of that pregnant bodybuilding champion Lea Ann Ellison who was photographed lifting heavy weights above her head while very pregnant. She recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. But her pre-delivery workout triggered a firestorm of controversy.

Now, Green’s workout is also causing some to ask, is it really safe to kickbox while pregnant?

She said, “You shouldn’t be doing kickboxing with someone kicking you. But you can definitely do kickboxing techniques and exercises in a safe environment.”