Details Emerge About Paul Walker's Death

INSIDE EDITION has learned new details regarding the sudden death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker as more questions are being raised as to how it could have happened.

Paul Walker's father broke down as he remembered his son. He said, “I am just glad every time I saw him, I told him that I loved him and he said the same thing to me."

Walker's father told INSIDE EDITION, "If this was the way my son was supposed to die, I am glad he was not driving that car. Endangering other peoples lives was just not his style."

Walker's Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson was inconsolable at the scene of the deadly car crash that took the life of his friend. Gibson wept as he placed yellow flowers at the spot were Paul walker died.

Police in Los Angeles are investigating speed as the cause for the weekend crash that took the life of the popular star. They are also determining if drag racing was involved.

The last image of Walker taken shortly before he died was of him about to get into the passenger's seat of the $300,000 Porsche Carrera GT.  Minutes later, with his friend, professional race car driver Roger Rodas behind the wheel, they crashed into a tree and light pole before the car exploded into flames. That Porsche can go 240 mph.

Images of the crash were taken seconds after it happened and posted on YouTube. Investigators want to know exactly how fast Paul Walker and the driver were going, if they were racing anyone, and if skid marks on the road that show someone doing donuts belonged to Porsche.

Jim Torp doesn't believe his friends were drag racing. He told INSIDE EDITION, "When that car drove past us there was nobody around that car. There were no cars around that car. They were not drag racing."

The deadly accident is reminding people about the crash that claimed the life of Hollywood legend James Dean in 1955. He was just 24 when he crashed his Porsche. He had just finished filming the movie Giant with Elizabeth Taylor.

Paul was taking part in a toy drive that he organized for his charity in a toy drive for victims of the Philippines typhoon. His 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, was at the charity event when he climbed into the Porsche.

Paul was on a break from filming Fast and Furious 7, the franchise that made him a world-wide star.  His latest film, Hours will be released on December 16 as scheduled. It's about a father who is trying to save his sick daughter during Hurricane Katrina.

No one could save Paul Walker from the crash with witnesses saying the flames were too intense for anyone to get close enough. His family brought his dog to the scene to say one final farewell.