Shannon Price Breaks her Silence

Gary Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, is breaking her silence and defending herself against criticism of her actions and tone on the 911 call she made after Coleman fell at his Utah home. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Gary Coleman's ex- wife breaks her silence!

"I loved him and he loved me and we just can't live without each other."

A frail looking Shannon Price was in a wheelchair during an interview with Good Morning America

"I've had a lot of health issues in the last two months.  As you guys know I recently have seizures and I've had a lot of anxiety," Price said.

Shannon fired back at criticism of what some say is her cold, detached tone during that 911 call she made after Coleman fell at his Utah home.  

"I just can't be here with the blood.  I'm sorry I can't do it. I can't," she told the 911 operator.

Price said, "I was with him down there the whole time I was  trying to find towels and stuff like that.  But yeah, seeing him in a pool of blood was difficult.  If it was somebody else in my situation I mean I'm sure they wouldn't know what to do either."

She also responded to speculation that foul play may have been involved in Coleman's death.  Victor Perillo, a spokesperson for the child star's estranged parents was quoted as saying,  "If I had the dollars, I'd hire someone to take another look at the body to see if there was any blunt force trauma to the head," according to the London Daily Mail.

"People can say whatever they want because I know the truth.  I would never hurt my husband, ever.  I would take my own life before I would ever ever harm him," Price said.

Shannon is now coming under attack from the temporary executor of Coleman's estate.  In a statement dripping with sarcasm, the executor blasted Shannon for her "desperate attempts to profit from the mysterious death of her beloved husband."  He also accuses her of trying to sell "death photos" and Gary's other "personal effects" without consent of the executor.

Shannon released her own statement saying she was only doing interviews because "she has to at some point to stand up for herself."

Coleman's funeral is on hold because of an ongoing dispute between Shannon and the actor's parents. 

"These are not cruel, mean people as they have been presented to be," Perillo said.

Although Sue and Willie Coleman have been estranged from their famous son for years, they want to play a role in where the body should be buried.

Perillo said, "If Shannon has legality, remember that the last we heard was that she wasn't married to him, they were divorced.  So legally, she doesn't have rights to anything."

"I just hope Gary's happy and he's in a better place," Price said.