Porsche Carrera GT Called 'Most Dangerous Car'

The Porsche Carrera GT Paul Walker died in is being called by one expert the "The most dangerous car on the road," and comes with a heavy price tag. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The sports car that Paul Walker died in is been called "The most dangerous car on the road" because one expert says that it is notoriously difficult to drive.

Business man Peter Ludwig owns a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, the same model involved in the Paul Walker crash. He took INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent for a drive and he saw for himself that the car is hyper-sensitive to road conditions.

Watch Ludwig Talk More About Driving His Porsche Carrera GT

Ludwig said, "I think it is very tempting and very easy for anybody to take this car and do things they probably should not be doing. You are very close to the ground. There is not much ground clearance. You are very close to the curb."

A just-surfaced memo from the Porsche car company makes it crystal clear that this is not a car for everyday drivers.

"The Carrera GT is as close to a race car as we will ever get,” the memo declares," the car has all the disadvantages of a race car."

The memo states that any potential customer should undergo "technical training" and warns that even driving over a speed bump could cause $40,000 in damage to the undercarriage.

The Porsche company produced a video for potential buyers showing how the car handles on a special test track. Only 1,300 were made and a brand new one costs $450,000. An oil change alone costs $900.

Ludwig said, "This car is as close to a race car as one will ever get."

The Porsche Carrera GT is a trophy car for the super rich. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once owned one.

A YouTube video shows Tonight Show host Jay Leno driving his Porsche Carrera GT on Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive. He even let fans look under the hood. Leno knows firsthand that this is a sports car that demands respect. He had a scary spin-out driving at Talladega race track in 2005.

Walker's Porsche had six different owners and had been driven only 3,283 miles.