"Half-Ton Killer" Loses 800 Pounds

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Mayra Rosales, the woman who was once known as the "Half-Ton Killer" after she underwent a dramatic weight loss.

Looking at Mayra Rosales today, it’s almost impossible to believe that she was once one of the heaviest women in world. She weighed more than a half a ton, a staggering 1,100 pounds.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent told her, “Look at you now. You look amazing. Can you believe it's you?”

She said, “I know because I lived it.”

Mayra's life used to be days and nights confined to her bed.

Watch More of Mayra Discuss Her Dramatic Weight Loss

She said, “It was in a prison. I was incarcerated in my own body. I couldn’t move.”

The wall of her home had to be sawed open just to get her out.  It took 10 men to move her and take her to the hospital.

It was a media frenzy drawn by the enormity of her size and the fact that she was charged with capital murder.

Mayra Rosales became known as the “Half-Ton Killer.” Her case is featured on a TLC special airing Wednesday night.

The drama began when her two-year-old nephew died of blunt trauma to the head. Mayra told investigators an astonishing story that she accidentally fell on the boy.

Then Mayra’s sister, Jamie Lee, confessed to the killing. She pled guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to 15 years.   

It turned out Mayra had been covering for her sister because she believed she didn't have long to live because of her size.

She said, “My organs began to shut down. I was dying.”

After charges were dropped, Mayra had a new reason to live. She underwent gastric bypass surgery at a Houston hospital.

She was also put on a strict low calorie, high protein diet. Mayra lost a mind-blowing 800 pounds. Once unable to leave her bed, she now is up and about and walking.

Trent asked, “So, how are you feeling?

“Great,” she replied.

Thirty-three-year-old Mayra says she still wants to shed more pounds.

She said, “My target weight is 160 pounds.”

Trent asked, “How much more to go?”

“I’m in the 200's,” said Mayra.

Trent asked, “Your in the 200's. You can't just leave it at that?”

She laughed and said, “I’m a girl. I want to get my life back.”