Family Members Outraged Over Release Of Sandy Hook 911 Calls

Family members who lost loved ones during the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting are upset that 911 tapes from that day were released. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The families of the 20 first graders and six school staffers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School are speaking out about the release of the 911 calls from the day America will never forget.

A judge ordered the gut-wrenching 911 calls released to the public, even though the families of the victims fought to keep them private.  

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd spoke to Bill Sherlach and Nicole Hockley.  Bill is the husband of school psychologist Mary Sherlach, who was shot dead heroically trying to stop the madman from entering Sandy Hook Elementary.

Watch Bill and Nicole Talk More About Their Lives Today

Nicole said, “Transcripts, fine, but nobody needs to hear the slaughter of 26 people. No one needs to hear my son's death. I don't.”

Bill said, “We did what any parent would do to protect their family and protect the family's who have gone through what we've gone through the last 11-and-a-half months.”

Nicole is the mother of six-year-old Dylan Hockley, who was killed with his first grade classmates that horrific day.  

Hockley said, "I have no intention of listening to the tapes. I've asked a friend to listen for me to ensure I know what I need to know. ".

She and the other Newtown families have become activists for a group called Sandy Hook Promise that's dedicated to finding ways to prevent future school tragedies.

Bill commented, "It's not just gun safety. It's mental health, it's school safety, it's family, it's parenting."

Now, the 911 calls are bringing back all the sadness of that terrible day.

But this devastated mom says the memory of her brave little boy will sustain her.

She said, “I speak to him every day.  I know how he feels in my arms, one year later.”

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