Ron Burgundy Is Taking Over TV

Will Ferrell stays in full Ron Burgundy character as he continues to make appearances on TV to promote Anchorman 2. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Ron Burgundy is everywhere!

Now, he's interviewing Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning on ESPN’s Sportscenter.

Burgundy joked, "You’ve had a lot of success and yet you've done it all without a mustache.”

He then asked Manning, “Tell me about your relationship with Thunder.”

A puzzled Manning asked, “The mascot? You're talking about the horse that runs up and down the field every time the Broncos score?”

Burgundy joked, “Oh yes, I’ve had my eye on that beast for decades.”

It's all part of the marketing campaign for the movie Anchorman 2. Will Ferrell has been making the rounds and staying in character as the goofball anchorman who is a legend in his own mind.

He recently co-anchored a real newscast in North Dakota.

He also stars in a series of hilarious commercials for Dodge. In a commercial, he joked, “The rear seats in the Dodge Durango fold down all the way flat, and you know what that's for!”

He even helped anchor the Olympic curling trials in Canada.

He said, “Curling is where my heart is. We used to do a curling segment on the news in San Diego. No one watched it.”

Well, everyone's watching now as Ron Burgundy makes TV classy.