Paul Walker's Autopsy Released

The disturbing results as to how Paul Walker passed away have been revealed in the just released autopsy. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker burned to death in the crash. That's the disturbing result of the autopsy just released on Wednesday.

The autopsy reveals that Paul Walker survived the initial crash, but was seriously injured and still alive for at least a few seconds when the car burst into flames.

The autopsy also states that it was definitely his friend Roger Rodas who was driving.

The bodies were burned beyond recognition and Walker was referred to as John Doe 240 until his identity was confirmed by dental records. Rodas was referred to as John Doe 239.

Pathologist Cyril Wecht told INSIDE EDITON, "Mr. Walker died as a result of both blunt force injuries and then the fire that broke out sometime after the impact."

Paul Walker's grieving girlfriend Jasmine was seen for the first time in public since the tragic accident. Twenty-three-year-old Jasmine visited Walker's father to comfort him. They were seen laughing, sharing a happy memory of the actor as she set aside her own grief to cheer up Paul's family. There was also a tender hug for one of Paul’s brothers.

Jasmine, a college student in Santa Barbara, began dating Paul Walker when she was only 16 years old.

Now, a story of Paul Walker's incredible generosity is emerging. A couple says Walker paid for their $10,000 engagement ring.

Soldier Kyle Upham had just returned from Afghanistan and met Paul in a jewelry store. When he learned he couldn't afford the ring he wanted to buy his sweetheart Irene, Paul secretly paid for it and had it delivered. 

Irene told INSIDE EDITION, "He wasn't just someone who did movies. He gave himself into everything he did."