Sports Arenas Offer High-End Menus

INSIDE EDITION visited Los Angeles' Staples Center to see the latest craze sweeping sports arenas around the country—the five-star menus.

You won't believe where INSIDE EDITION found a five-star restaurant. Inside the Lexus Club at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Kings.

One fan told INSIDE EDITION, “Pretty cool to be able to see the ice, watch the game, and have dinner.”

Say adios to that old time stadium food and say hello to gourmet arena cuisine.

Chef Joseph Martin at the Lexus Club told INSIDE EDITION, “We offer anything from rib eyes to shrimp to lobster. It's quite an array of everything.”

Watch INSIDE EDITION Go Behind-The-Scenes At Staples Center

Coast to coast, sports fans are demanding better grub!

“We change the menu everyday here. So it could be California spiny lobster, and we have fresh truffles. It could just be anything,” said Chef Martin.

Spiny lobster and fresh truffles don't come at hot dog prices.  So if you want to eat big, get ready to spend big.

Chef Martin said, “Here, people pay top dollar so, we expect the best.”

Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak and friends are among the hockey gourmets.

From fresh rolled sushi, to vintage wines, you could get so caught up in the feast that you might forget there's a hockey game going on.  

Of course there will always be the cynical die-hards who demand vintage stadium fare like greasy nachos and beer.

Chances are there's something for every taste and budget at your local arena. So come for the game and enjoy the food.

Sajak said, “This fruit is to die for, but I could use a bag of caramel corn to tell you the truth.”