America's First Teenage Transgender Couple Split

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the transgender couple about their recent break-up.

It's the most unusual love story we've ever seen—America's first transgender teen couple Arin Andrews and Katie Hill openly dating and madly in love.

But now this Romeo and Juliet love story has come to an end. After two years of teenage romance, Andrews and Hill decided to break apart.

Arin Andrews shared with INSIDE EDITION, “I don’t think I've ever cried that much.”

Hill said, “I broke his heart. I know. I did it for our sake.”
For Andrews, losing Hill was a devastating blow. He said, “I've never been in a relationship besides her since I've been a man.”

Born an adorable little girl named Emerald, Andrews never identified with dresses. Deep within, he was always a boy.

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Katie Hill said, “Arin and I always had a special connection. I was there for him and he was there for me when I really needed him.”

Hill was born a cute little boy named Lucas who struggled with an insuppressible desire to be a woman. Andrews supported her after her gender reassignment surgery.

“I had someone by my side who understood me perfectly,” said Hill.

Hill was also there for Andrews when he underwent a mastectomy to remove his female breasts.

They seemed to be such a perfect match. So what happened?

Hill said, “We weren’t having any more fun.”

Seventeen-year-old Andrews is still in high school while Hill, now 19, is already in college and wanted to focus on school.

“There were tears. But I think I made up my mind,” said Hill, who broke the news to Andrews that it was over.

Andrews described his reactions by saying, “I was mad, sad and crying, just angry.”

His mother Denise gave him all the support she could. She said, “Lots of tears. Lots of hugs. Everybody can relate to that first heartbreak.”

Transgendered or not, Andrews was like any teenage boy who got dumped. “I definitely reacted in a guy way. Typical man way. I was upset and I punched things,” said Andrews.
Andrews is now making new friends and Hill is also meeting new people, but they say they there will always be a special bond between them.
Hill added, “Just because we aren’t dating anymore, it doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other.”

 “You know, I’ll always love her,” said Andrews.