Hotel Surveillance Video Shows van der Sloot and Alleged Victim

Peruvian police have released video of Joran van der Sloot being interrogated, as well as surveillance video taken at his hotel in Lima, Peru, which shows he and his alleged victim entering his hotel room. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Peruvian police have released video of Joran van der Sloot being interrogated by detectives.

In a backpack police found his laptop, numerous photographs, and money from several countries.

He was also given a medical exam.

Police say van der Sloot coolly told them under questioning he did not kill 21-year-old Stephany Flores Ramirez, and even tried to befriend detectives on a 17-hour drive to jail in Lima.    

He arrived at police headquarters wearing a bullet-proof vest. In the midst of the media frenzy he was struck on the head by someone in the crowd.  

He was paraded in front of TV cameras and was bombarded with questions, but said nothing. Then he was allowed a short phone call with his mother in Aruba.

Criminal profiler Pat Brown tells INSIDE EDITION, "You can see [van der Sloot] has very little expression, I think at that point he is completely stunned. And at that moment he realizes [he is] in a whole lot of trouble."

Surveillance video shows van der Sloot and his alleged victim arriving at his hotel. She meekly follows him, her head bowed. Moments later she goes into his room. It's the last time she is seen alive.

"What are your impressions of the video of the two of them coming into the hotel and going into the hotel room?" INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asks Brown.

She says, "The surveillance video at the hotel is kind of puzzling because what we see is her simply walking along her behind him, him opening the door, she just follows right on in, kind of like a lamb to the slaughter. "   

Four hours later he left his hotel room wearing a fresh shirt and carrying his baggage. He left the TV playing loudly, and told hotel staff not to disturb his "girl."

When van der Sloot was the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway five years ago, his father, a judge in Aruba, allegedly used his influence to help him.

But now it's the victim's family that wields influence. Stephany's grieving father once ran for president of Peru.

"Now the shoe is on the other foot. Stephany's father is the influential one. Joran's father is dead. He's in a lot of trouble because he doesn't have anyone on his side this time," says Brown.