Alleged Love Triangle Leads To Meltdown And Charges Against One Doctor

INSIDE EDITION has the story of one alleged love triangle between three doctors that has all the twists and turns of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Forty-two-year-old Angela Siler-Fisher is a well-respected doctor. She's even appeared on Untold Stories of the E.R. on the Discovery Fit and Health channel. She's the director of an emergency center in Houston and a professor at Baylor College of Medicine.

But even a doctor's logic can be defeated by affairs of the heart.

Angela is married to another physician, Radiologist Brandon Fisher. She believes he was having an affair with a doctor at a radiology clinic, Dr. Marcelle Mallery, and allegedy flew into a wild rage. Dr, Mallery denies there was an affair and says they were just friends.

Cops say she called Dr. Mallery, threatening to "beat her [expletive]" and "dislocate her [expletive]." Then, she drove to the home of the other woman. How she entered the house is quite a story.

Harris County Constable Alan Rosen told INSIDE EDITION, "She broke in through the doggy door and entered the home through the doggy door.”

That's not all. Cops accuse her of using red lipstick to scrawl “Homewrecker" and "Whore" across a bathroom mirror. She also left a trail of unopened condoms leading up the staircase.

Chris Pankerry is a neighbor of the Fishers. He says the doctor is the last person you'd expect this of. "Angela great woman, she is an extremely incredible doctor, wife, mother," said Pankerry.

Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "It does not matter how many degrees you have on the wall, once you find out your husband has been cheating, it is enough to make anyone's blood boil."

Angela was arrested for harassment and trespassing and is expected in court on Wednesday.

Now, this doctor finds herself in a position where she never expected to be.