"Ice-Mageddon" Clobbers America

From icy roads to snow filled NFL games the first winter storm to hit the U.S. this season is being called "Ice-mageddon." INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was the snowball fight that could land some college students in serious trouble. The fun turned ugly when a retired professor drove through the University of Oregon campus and his car was pelted with snow.

Art history Professor Sherwin Simmons was so upset, that he opened the door to confront the students. The 60-year-old professor was pelted on the back of the head and in his face.

One student expressed regret on Monday, tweeting, "Embarrassed by the video I just watched...Sending the sincerest apologies."

The first big winter storm of the year has crippled vast swaths of the U.S.A. It's been dubbed “Ice-mageddon.”

On the Pennsylvania Turnpike, more than 50 vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction crash that killed one motorist.

In Dallas, sheets of ice came flying off a building and crashed down on the street below. One man, his wife, and their two-year-old child were trapped on an interstate for 31 hours.  

One truck driver said, "I am actually a truck driver and I have been driving for 18 years and I have never seen it ever at a complete stand still."

Steve Rajczyk is with AAA New Jersey. He says in winter, always be prepared for the worst.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Make sure you have a flashlight, a little shovel in case you get stuck. Make sure you have a bag of kitty litter, for traction, it is inexpensive. Make sure you have water and some non-perishable food items."

Watch Rajczk Give More Snow Driving Tips

One guy in Texas took to the frozen streets for hockey. A woman went figure skating in a parking lot. She was doing pretty well until she hit a bump.

The storm made for an unbelievable football game in Philadelphia. More than half-a-foot of snow fell as the Eagles battled the Detroit Lions. You could barely see the players as they ran down the field the snow was up to their ankles!