TV Prankster Charged After Taking Gag Too Far

After appearing on various TV court shows, hoaxster Ken Tarr will face a real court after taking his pranks to a new level. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

On the Judge Joe Brown show he said he was a clown who trashed a kid’s party.

But what was the same guy doing on another court show, Judge Alex? Only that time he said he was a plumber who was locked overnight in a morgue!

On the Bill Cunningham talk show, he said he was king of the gypsies.

Who is this man of many faces? His name is Ken Tarr and he is turning into the country's most notorious hoaxer.

But now, he may have gone too far. He's facing a criminal charge and the next judge he faces won’t be on a TV show.

Cops say Tarr telephoned the legendary NFL coach Tony Dungy claiming to be from the University of Southern California. He offered dungy the university’s top coaching job. Dungy, now a network sports analyst, fell for it. He even talked about the offer, thinking it was real, on NBC's Dan Patrick Show in October.

Patrick asked, “Has USC called you?”

Dungy said, “They haven't but, as they say, representatives of the organization have. You know, 'Have your people call my people.'”

Dungy wasn't the only sports figure to be punked.  

Tarr videotaped himself calling University of Florida coach Will Muschamp and offering him the coaching job at Georgia Tech.

Lt. Marc Reina of Los Angeles Police Department told INSIDE EDITION, "He is creating controversy within the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, and college sports, by offering job opportunities to people that are not correct that are false."

Now, Tarr is charged with felony eavesdropping, recording phone conversations without consent. He's free after posting bail.

Tarr maintains that he is not a criminal, just a prankster.