Infant's Rare Bone Disease Clears Father Of Abuse Charges

One father was wrongfully accused of abusing his infant daughter, but when a medical diagnosis showed he had not hurt her, the charges were dropped. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One family lived through a nightmare. A devoted father who was wrongly labeled a monster that broke his own baby daughter's bones.

The family's ordeal started when Andrew Huber was changing his three-month-old daughter, Kenley's diaper. Suddenly, he heard what he calls a frightening "pop" sound. So, he took little Kenley to a Dallas emergency room. Doctors discovered the child not only had a broken leg but also numerous other fractures.

INSIDE EDITION asked the matriarch of the family, "How many fractures did they say she had?"

"Nine," she said.

The injuries were labeled “non-accidental" and "suspected physical abuse of a child."

Andrew was charged with felony injury to a child and was barred from having any contact with his daughter.

Andrew’s wife, Bria, told INSIDE EDITION, "I had police telling me, and even doctors telling me, that Andrew had been beating her systematically because her fractures were at different stages of healing."

Trent asked, "Being falsely accused of abusing your own daughter has got to be one of the worst accusations?"

Bria said, "It was. It was shocking to have them go down that path. It was heartbreaking to be away from her for nine months, to just rip apart our family."

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But Bria Huber had faith the man she married was no child-beater.

She said, "Once I realized that they were wrong and I was not married to this monster, I was on a mission to free him. All I could think about was finding out what was going on with her. That there had to be something medical going on."

She was right. Kenley was diagnosed with a little-known genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or EDS, which makes her bones extremely fragile.

"I found out that I have it as well. It's very manageable, the type that we have," said Bria.

Charges against Andrew were dropped.

Now that the Hubers are aware of their daughter's condition, they say the future looks bright.

Bria said, "I have confidence that she is going to grow up and have a great life."