Charlie Sheen Headed to Jail

Charlie Sheen will be heading to Aspen, Colorado to serve jail time in relation to his Christmas Day altercation with wife Brooke Mueller. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Charlie Sheen enjoyed his last moments of freedom in Los Angeles before heading off to jail in Aspen, Colorado.

Sheen is expected to be sentenced to 30 days for a Christmas Day domestic violence incident involving his wife, Brooke Mueller.

"It is what it is, you know? Go up there and put it behind me," Sheen told reporters.

Mueller was at a charity ball in Los Angeles over the weekend. She wore a giant cocktail ring on her right hand, but no wedding ring on her left hand.

But when reporters asked the Two and a Half Men star how things stand with his wife, he said, "Everything's good."

Sheen will be assigned his own cell at the jail in Aspen. Inmates are allowed in the communal area from 8 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. and they can make collect calls any time they want.

They have access to workout equipment and exercise bikes in a well-equipped gym.

"We used to have some pretty wild basketball games but they got a little out of hand so now it's mostly volleyball," says John Bird, a jail administrator.

It's also being reported that Sheen will be doing work release, teaching drama at a local theater when he's not locked up in jail.