Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot Loses 130 Pounds

INSIDE EDITION spoke to MasterChef judge Graham Elliot about his dramatic weight loss and how he hopes to be an inspiration to others.

As a judge on MasterChef Graham Elliot eats for a living and his lust for food on and off the set had him tipping the scale at nearly 400 lbs.

But now, just call him the incredible shrinking chef!

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked Elliot, “You seem to have more energy. How’s it feel?"

He said, “Awesome.”

The once portly 36-year-old chef is now down to 265 pounds.

Trent asked, “How much did you lose?”

Elliot said, “130 pounds.”

He credits his weight loss to a stomach shrinking surgical procedure known as “Sleeve Gastrectomy."

“You think the surgery saved your life?,” asked Trent.

Elliot said, “Absolutely.”

He also changed his diet. He used to chow down on massive quantities of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and salads topped with blue cheese and bacon bits, not to mention bread and soda.

He said, “Things that were definitely not healthy but flavorful to me.”

Instead of fried, fatty foods, he now eats roasted chicken with broccoli and a vinaigrette kale salad topped with cranberries.

Elliot said, “I want something to give me energy. Make me feel alive.”

Now, viewers have to get used to seeing a lot less of him.

He said, “At the end of the day I can connect with people because of who I am and losing weight allows me to be more of who I am.”