Family Survives Two Days In Freezing Wilderness

After a family survived two days in freezing conditions, INSIDE EDITION spoke to one expert that explains how you can stay alive if you are caught in that nightmare scenario.

It's being called "The Miracle Before Christmas" because a family of six survived two days in the freezing wilderness. With nighttime temperatures dipping twenty below zero, amazingly, they didn't even suffer frostbite.

Now, everyone wants to know how they did it.

Retired Green Beret Terry Schappert is a host of the new Discovery series, Dude, You're Screwed. The show pits man against nature under extreme situations.
Schappert said, “Nature is there not to help you, it is there to kick your butt. Most are not prepared because most people do not have to deal with this.”

The story has captured the attention of the nation. Many feared the family wouldn't be found alive. But now, we know that after flipping his Jeep on a family outing to play in the snow, 34-year-old James Glanton and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Christina McIntee, used all of their survival skills and common sense to keep everyone safe.

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Rule No. 1—Always tell someone where you're going.

“That way, if you don't come back or if they don't hear from you they know where to start looking,” said Schappert.

Rule No. 2—Stay where you are. Do not go for help.

"You have got some good things with you, especially with the car. They had a shelter, they had some food. They had the ability to make fire and stay there. They also knew that people knew where they were.” said Schappert.

Rule No. 3—Be prepared.

Schappert said, “Bring a dang lighter. I never go anywhere, winter, spring, summer, fall, without a lighter. The ability to make a fire by keeping you warm, by cooking your food, by sterilizing water and, in many cases, signaling someone looking after you.”

Incredibly, the family burned their spare tire to heat up rocks that they used at night to stay warm. They also rationed candy bars and water to last as long as possible.

One more final tip if you find yourself stranded in the cold, try to stay calm.

Schappert said, "Common people are able to do incredible things just by staying calm and thinking it through.”